Founded in 2010, ETC is a supplier of medical equipment, instruments and related services, especially in the field of Endoscopy.
We select and distribute quality products from Germany, America, Japan, Korea, ... to meet diagnosis and treatment with high efficiency. The staff with experience, deep understanding of endoscopy and enthusiasm are increasingly promoting service quality, making us a reliable partner of hospitals and clinics nationwide.
Not only a commercial service enterprise, we are also a companion unit with the Science Associations, Chi Hoi, Health facilities ... in the introduction, training and training of techniques. new techniques and applications in Endoscopy, diagnosis and treatment in Vietnam.



Our products are brought to customers by the leading manufacturers in the medical field at competitive prices and suitable for the market. We are committed to the quality of the goods we provide will meet the requirements of customers' diagnosis and treatment with high efficiency ... Each of us has the concept that, to be responsible for the quality of work their own is an important part of corporate culture to promote the development of the whole.


With our quality, experience, professionalism and understanding, we work diligently and thoughtfully to deliver customer satisfaction. We believe that: Respecting, listening to and understanding customers' wishes is of utmost importance to building a sustainable, long-term relationship with customers and partners.



ETC accompanies with customers by sincerity and mutual development, we strive to disseminate new technologies, products, update advanced techniques ... to send to customers, support Doctors to develop. expertise, bringing benefits to patients and the community.